Summer Farm Update

my favorite flowers in my favorite pitcher, this is happy summer

Summer on the farm is… grueling, sweaty, bountiful and overwhelming. With work that needs doing until the sun goes down and kids that never seem to go down. It’s a season of new life- birds hatching eggs, mamas birthing kittens, and puppies growing into big ole farm dogs faster than your eyes can see.   It’s adoption paperwork and […]



When you wake up to everything sparkling and covered in a layer of wonder you can’t help but snap pictures at all that ordinary turned into a show of His grace and beauty… You may also like:Weaving a Family of CompassionOur BIG NEWS- It’s HERE!What We’ve Been Up To: Farm Fridays

Saturday Apple Picking

pretty pretty... I think they should sell all apples with their leaves on

We spent a fun Saturday in North Carolina picking apples with friends at Sky Top Orchard.  Being in the mountains always recharges my soul, they declare the beauty of the Lord like nothing else can.  Even the rocks cry out… Praying for a restful sabbath Saturday for each of you! You may also like:Update on Jeremiah’s […]

An overdue update…

It is final and official, what sweet words to type- this is us with the judge.

Life. is. crazy.  I don’t know of a better way to recap the past few months other than that!  Here is a quick picture rundown of the highlights.  There has been an adoption (finally!), Disney, a welcome home, Christmas, a birthday, and lots of other stuff going on around here.  One of our newest crazy […]