My mom and I shopped till we dropped this weekend to fill a tiny empty room with love that you can see. Our goal was to transform a used-to-be closet into a cozy bed room for our fifth child. But what the Father spoke to my heart as I drove home on the long, dark, […]

Summer Farm Update

my favorite flowers in my favorite pitcher, this is happy summer

Summer on the farm is… grueling, sweaty, bountiful and overwhelming. With work that needs doing until the sun goes down and kids that never seem to go down. It’s a season of new life- birds hatching eggs, mamas birthing kittens, and puppies growing into big ole farm dogs faster than your eyes can see.   It’s adoption paperwork and […]



When you wake up to everything sparkling and covered in a layer of wonder you can’t help but snap pictures at all that ordinary turned into a show of His grace and beauty… You may also like:Thank You!Our BIG NEWS- It’s HERE!A Little Bit of Sick and a Little Bit of That: Farm Fridays