Becoming Bereans


This post is part of the teaching series Truth Un-Mixed.  If you are new to this series I encourage you to start from the beginning and read all the way through as the teachings build one upon the other.  To Find all the posts in the series click here for the Table of Contents.  May […]

Why Every Parent Should Pick Up A Paintbrush


  Anger, frustration, and disappointment are always the easiest response to a child who chooses sin, it comes spilling out, boiling over from the heart, a toxic wasteland… After early baths all the kids were ready for bed so we could have a nice, quiet, peaceful night.  the third night of being home alone with the kids, […]

A Song for our Kids

kids truck

As I got the last of the four kids down for the night and finished the last of the songs, tickles, and prayers I heard the Lord whisper “write” into my heart.  As each of our children were given to me so was a song for them.  Some I sing every night and some only […]

Weaving a Family of Compassion


You all who read here regularly know me.  You know that my heart is for the rescuing of orphans – for the loving and the caring for them, but not everyone is going to adopt.  And sometimes adoption is not the best answer because there are families and children who want to be together and […]

Moments of my life

This was my view as I left the potty this morning.  Maybe too much info for some, but this is my life.  Pottying with all four kids at my feet, usually a baby on each knee, so relaxing. :o)  The baby is sick and woke up four times last night, the night before three times, […]