Going All White


I was just talking with a friend about the never ending stinky towel problem that she is having.  You know, they smell clean and nice until you start drying off with them and then you smell that stinky smell?   So I thought I would post about it because I bet some of you know […]

Lessons in Laundry


One of the things that I love about having all the kids here is the opportunity to teach them about life.  How to do the practical things like laundry, dishes, folding.  I can for sure be a bit high strung and am often tempted to do it myself so it can get done the way […]

The Decorator Is In

Billy started a new job a few weeks ago.  He is actually working for dear friends of ours now and we are so glad to have him there.  With a new job comes a new office and so it was time to decorate.  Although I used to do this for a living for a short […]