O is for Octopus MFW week 9

I made them a ritz cracker and pretzel octopus snack.  I used peanut butter in the crackers and then just stuffed the pretzels in there.  Then blueberry yogurt with an added drop of blue food coloring for the water and  a few pretzel goldfish for swimming.

So I about 2 months behind posting this.  We took the month of December off of school totally.  Between sickness, Christmas, and family in town it was a good thing because I barley kept up with life much less school.   It was a much needed break, but now that we are back to it […]

Yarn Octopus Tutorial


  We made these cute little guys to go along with our O is for Octopus school unit in My Father’s World K, you can see the other fun things we did with this unit here.  They are great because they don’t require many supplies and are fairly easy to make.  My kids loved playing […]