Why Every Parent Should Pick Up A Paintbrush


  Anger, frustration, and disappointment are always the easiest response to a child who chooses sin, it comes spilling out, boiling over from the heart, a toxic wasteland… After early baths all the kids were ready for bed so we could have a nice, quiet, peaceful night.  the third night of being home alone with the kids, […]

We have been eaten alive…

…by the flu. Every routine that our family has ever established GONE.  Our wonderful farmers market whole food eating plan has turned into whatever is pre-made at the store or easy to pick up from a restaurant.  Sleeping schedules – how about sleeping at all?  No TV – let’s just pull out that lap top […]

To All the Sweaty Girls

In light of my oh so sweaty field trip yesterday to the alligator farm with our co op, this just had to be said… “You know she’s a sweater” I believe those were the exact words uttered by my father across the table to my future husband right before he asked for my hand in […]