Resurrection in Full Bloom


I was just praying it would stay alive through Easter – to make its debut as the centerpiece of our table… SOMETIMES the Lord’s plans are so much bigger then we think…  Better than we could imagine. Sometimes what you think is the plan, REALLY isn’t the plan- it’s just the launching pad- the start- […]

Instead of Baskets


Ok, I have to confess, I AM STILL AT THE EMPTY TOMB OVER HERE.  I can’t get over it.  His love is just so great for us.  I keep telling myself it’s time to move onto the next thing, but I think I am camping out here for a while. Just. breathing. it. in… letting […]

A Song and Link for Holy Week

Did you know passover just passed?  It was Monday.  The jews (born jews and grafted in one- that’s me!) celebrated our exodus from slavery.  And the passing over blood cover doors and the sparing of first-born children… Can you imagine those mammas that night?  Holding their child to their breast, snuggling them close, trying to […]