K is for Kangaroo: No Sew Pouches with Little Joeys

This was such a fun project!  What I liked most about it is how it correlated to our words to remember in My Fathers World K unit: “I am safe in God”  We talked about how joeys like to stay safe in the pouch of their mothers.  And how we can do the same thing with God.  Through obedience and living out His words from the bible, we too can stay under the protection of the Lord.  We talked about how life is still hard and hard things will come our way, but that when we remain in Him He will equip us to handle those things.

It was just a great hands on visual lesson in “remaining in Him”

The kids loved wearing their pouches around and I think ALL their legs got a good workout because they were hopping around like crazy people all day!

Here is your how to:

What you need:

  • Left over fabric (or buy the little quilting squares from Joanna’s for $1)
  • Pillow stuffing or cotton balls
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Fabric markers or sharpies

Making Joeys:

1. Print out the kangaroo template at the bottom of this post and cut it out.

2. Trace around it about 1/4 inch outside of the actual template onto your fabric-that way when you glue it, it still keeps it shape.  Fold the fabric so you get 2 sides of your kangaroo when you cut it out.

3. Then hot glue the edges together (i put my glue gun on low setting so i didn’t roast my fingers when I pressed it together) leaving a small opening to stuff it.  Stuff it with your filling and seal it up with hot glue.

4. Decorate the joey with markers

Making Pouches:

1. Using pinking sheers cut out a “u” shape pouch again using 2 sides of your fabric.

2. Glue the pouch together leaving the top open

3. Cut a ribbon the size you need to wrap around and tie at the waist.  Glue the back top of the pouch to the ribbon.  Use extra ribbon to decorate the top if you want, I made little loops using the hot glue every inch or so.

4. Then just tie it on, put in the joey, and away they hop!

I love how they got little frayed edges from all the love they received, it makes them look almost vintage.

You can download the joey pattern here.

Happy Crafting!

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E is for Elephant: Party Blower Craft

Hey yall!  I am actually sitting at Panera ALL ALONE!!!  My sweet hubby let me escape for a few minutes to catch up on blogging and writing this afternoon, so I am a happy woman.

We have been busy learning to read, adding tot school and circle time to our daily routine and planning a police birthday party for next weekend, Caleb is going to be 6!  Our “E is for elephant week” was filled with lots of reading up on elephants and pretending to be elephants.  We had so much fun making this elephant craft.  The kids are still playing with their elephants, sometimes the house sounds more like the African Savanna than our home (although it usually sounds like a circus, so which one is better, you take your pick?)!

I managed to throw together a quick template for all of my “crafting challenged  friends out there, this one is easy and you can do it!

Here is what you need:

  1. Party blowers for the trunk (I found our blowers on clearance at Target.  But make sure you buy the kind with the plastic piece you blow into and not cardboard.  I had to put a layer of clear thick tape around ours because they were cardboard and kept getting all mushy.  So buy the plastic kind and you are set! )
  2. Foam sheets for the body, face, and tail
  3. Pattern paper for the ears
  4. Googly eyes
  5. scissors and glue

How to:

  1. Print out the template here
  2. Trace and cut out all your pieces (or have your kiddos cut them out)
  3. For easy assembly onto our blowers cut two little slits in an “x” shape on each piece so yo can slide them right onto the blower part.
  4. Add any embellishments like eyes, smile, feet
  5. Start with head, then front of body fold over and do back of body and then tail
  6. And you’re done!  Let them blow away and drive you a little crazy!

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The Farm Units: G is for Goat, C is for Cow, and H is for Horse (mfw 12-14)

We have had three weeks studying farm animals so I thought it would be best to combine it all into one post.  Caleb is making great strides in reading and so I have been supplementing lots of activities to really challenge him.  This has left less time for other craft projects, but I am fitting them in where I can.  Here are some of the fun highlights from these 3 units.  We have also started a morning circle time with all four kids  (when I say circle time it is more like running in circles than sitting in one!) but we use this time for our daily bible study and book reading.  It has been a good addition and I look forward to everyone being able to sit together like this more in the future!

We used our Goat play dough mats for a textile letter activity. You can download them for free right here.

We painting these little wooden goats I found on clearance at Micheals.

We ate a dairy lunch for our Cow unit: mac and cheese, yogurt, crackers with cream cheese spread, cheese blocks, and chocolate milk. I added a chicken roll up and a mini apple for my peace of mind, and chicken and apples are from the farm too! 

We did this neat science experiment with milk, food coloring and dish soap. You just fill a dish with a thin layer of milk and add drops of food coloring into it.

When you pour in the dish soap, it reacts with the fat in the milk and swirls the food coloring all around. It was really neat to watch and made really pretty colorful designs.

We made Bully the Ball Catching Bull Cow from an empty plastic animal cracker bottle. He is one of my favorites, what a cute little guy! You can see our full tutorial and post on that right here.

We made farm pillows to celebrate the end of our farm units! This was a fun project and something the kids will have for a long time. Our full post on the pillows including a tutorial on this is right here.

These were fun units and it was great to be able to include the younger ones as they learned about the animals and the sounds they make.  Now onto wild animals, I think I know a thing or two about those, I live with four of them! ;o)

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I is for Insect: MFW Unit 11

We had a fun insect unit!  The only thing we missed was making an ant farm because I forgot to order the ants- oops- You know I was so CRUSHED over that.  Maybe later on we will do it, or maybe not ;o)

We talked about being a wise child and working hard like the ant works hard.  I just love MFW curriculum and how they tie in scripture to God’s creation!

We also read the book “Be NIce to Spiders”.  What is so fun about this book is that it was mine when I was a child.  I have a box of books that we saved from childhood and so I pull them out when they fit into our units.  The kids LOVE knowing mommy used to read the same book and I love it because the stories and illustrations are vintage.  It reminds me of simpler times and I love sharing that with the kids.  If you don’t have any old books I would encourage you to try a few vintage books.  The look, feel, and smell is so unique and the best part is you can usually find them on amazon at great prices because they are used.

Anyway, here are some of the highlights from our unit on Insects, we had fun and hope that some of these ideas will help you have fun too!

Meet Conex the Colorful Caterpillar (that is what Caleb named him)! This was fun and didn’t require anything except some pom poms and a table. You could make this into a math activity by using a ruler to study measurement and also use the colors to make patterns.

We had an insect lunch with fruit and Nutella. You can see my full post on that here.

We played this really fun movement game that I found here. I printed out the cards and added numbers to the back of them. Then we rolled our number dice and they choose a card with that number on it. Then everyone had to do what the card said. They LOVED this and is was a really good activity for getting some indoor excercise.

We made these adorable insect nature collages. First we went on a nature walk and collected all sorts of sticks and leaves. Then we came back and choose things that looked like bug shapes. We glued them down and colored around them to make them look like bugs. The kids really got into this. I had to help with some of the drawing, but they turned out so cute and they were really proud of them when they were all done.

The kids played with this insect sensory bin. I was feeling like they needed a little messy play. So I put a bunch of shaving cream into a tub and then added insects and rocks. I also gave them a bowl of water which became and insect bath. Lots of fun!


For more insect ideas you can follow my pinterest “I is for Insect” board right here!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone!

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W is for Water (MFW unit 10)

This week we studied the letter “W” and water.  We talked about “living water” while we did our bible studies and also did some fun science experiments along the way.  Here are some of the highlights from the week:

Caleb did this water race using a drop of water and a toothpick. This was seriously so fun. We did it several times and timed who could do it the fastest. You can download the free printable for this activity right here!

I made them this clouds in the sky water snack using blue jello and whipped cream. It was easy and a BIG hit with all four of the kids.

We made this homemade lava lamp from here. This was REALLY cool. It demonstrates the water cycle in a very clear way. The alka-seltzer makes the water bubble up to the top, the small bubbles combined and then once they get big they “rain” down. We did this over and over again, I would highly recommend making one of these.


I needed boiling water to make the jello, so we took that opportunity to watch a solid turn into a liquid and then gas.

We practiced previously learned letters by having him paint over them on the chalk board with water on a small paint brush.

We made a glitter jar using the idea we found here. Instead of glitter glue I used clear glue, regular glitter, and some sequins. Our glitter was big and so it fell pretty fast, but Caleb loved making it and still loves to shake it around. The sequins we used were all different shapes and so played eye spy with it finding the different shapes, he loved that!

Our “W” sensory bin. This was the first time I have done a letter theme sensory bin. The kids were not really interested in playing with it, so instead we used it to name things and sound things out since everything began with a “w”. Another idea would be to use blindfold and have the kids guess what each thing was by feel or to group them by size, subject, or color.

Now onto I for insect, this one should be FUN!

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