Hi!  I am so glad you are here. I wish you were pulling up a chair at my kitchen table to sit down and have a cup of coffee with me.  But then again the 4 screaming children running amuck in the background might be a little distracting…

Hence this blog.  My quiet place.  My connection with the world outside these 4 walls that we live in day after day.

My little spot here was born in the dark of night while nursing my youngest baby boy.  All was quiet and most were alseep when I heard God whisper into my tired and weary heart to start this blog.  “Another blog?”  I thought.  You know us girls can get lost in blog world any night of the week, jumping from one to the next voraciously absorbing ideas and wondering about the real life lived behind the words and pictures we see before us.  “Who needs another blog?” I asked.

He didn’t answer, but it wasn’t long into this journey of pouring out my heart and  sharing our life that I knew the answer.  It was me.  I NEEDED THIS BLOG. 4 kids in five years including 2 adoptions (one still being contested over 2 years later), homeschooling, and homemaking can make a girl feel empty, poured out, and used up to name a few.

This blog is a gift to me, my quiet place to connect with other mamas and share my heart. While I pour it out here, He fills me up in a way that no one else can.  Miraculously making my little into more, so much more.

There have been days that a simple comment posted here has literally made my day, a quick meeting of eyes and hearts across this internet so wide and vast that has made me feel not so alone in the journey of life and the pursuit of God’s heart and joy.

This gift has not come without it’s trials and as I have written and read, created and grown I have been challenged not to make this space my potium, from which to preach, but instead my alter, from which I bring my offfering to the Lord.  Who reads it, who loves it, who meets me here, is none of my business, but ALL HIS.  This is my place to come and offer my life the beautiful and the ugly to allow Him to use it in any way He chooses.

I am thrilled that you are here and my prayer is that God would use this little spot to encourage you where you are as much as He has used it to encourage me.  So maybe you should pull up your chair after all.  Pay no mind to the mess that lays at your feet and the chatter that fills the room.  I am honored to share a little of your time…

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  1. I love you!!! Challenged inspired and encouraged by your hearty, your love for abba, your real ness, your desire to honor and obey no matter what, your heart to encourage others in the journey….God is surely using you but what I love is that He is blessing you bc of this blog!! So honored to call you forever true friend. You are one of my heroes.

  2. Hello Lovely Lady,

    I would love to pull up a chair and enjoy a cuppa with you any day…if we can put my two busy men in the mix!

    You inspire me! Thank you for your blog. :)

    Kind regards,

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