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I wanted to share some of my inexpensive ideas for a pretty Christmas with you. I love decorating, but don’t have much time or money these days to do it. I kept it simple this year with decorations in a few key spots, all the pretty things are high where little hands can’t reach. And our tree has become my kid zone, we let them totally take it over so they feel a part of the decorating. Is is a spectacle of beauty? Not really, but it is beautiful because their little hands did it. So I thought it would be fun to show you a few simple ways I have stretched what we have to look like more. So let the tour begin!

My dining room table.

I LOVE these snowflake place mats, but they were expensive! At $10 a piece they were a splurge for just 2 of them.

So I found these gold burlap place mats for only $3 a piece. i like the combination of textures and shapes, it gives it a more old world feel. So I was able to get the more expensive look without spending $60 dollars!

I love wreaths on mirrors! This one was just one of those cheap plain ones for Micheal’s that costs $3, i added a ribbon I had and a few berries I had and voila, simple and pretty for not much at all!

Our tree with so many ornaments from my childhood and ones that my little ones have made. It’s a family tree, the best kind of all!

This is my kitchen table. I found these trees on after Christmas clearance at Target for dirt cheap. Last year I used them in different places in the house. This year I brought them all together for a dramatic centerpiece. Using an item like this in repetition can bring a room together in a hurry.

If you have some height, don’t be afriad to use it. This is actually an outside tree that my mom wasn’t using outside her door anymore. I brought it in and cleaned up the pot and it is perfect in the middle of the island!

We don’t have a fireplace here so I do our stockings on the stairs. I have a great tip for inexpensive monogramming.

Our stockings were a gift from my mom, I had pined away for them for years. I was so thrilled to finally get them but didn’t have the extra money to get them monogramed. So I bought some inexpensive wood letters and 2 kinds of red glittered sticker letters. I drilled a hole in each letter, painted the letters white with craft paint and then mixed the 2 kinds of stickers for a custom look. I just tied them onto the stockings and that’s it. Really cute and a nice departure from the traditional monogram, I also only spent about 8 dollars total.

This is probably my favorite decoration. “Wise Men still seek Him”. I just love that!

Of course you have to have those remnants passed down to make Christmas really feel like Christmas. This hand made wood puzzle was on our coffee table growing up every year. I loved each time my mom pulled it out and now I pull it out for my kids. There is nothing better than passing those memories along.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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