Fall on the Farm Photos

Last year we missed our annual trip out to Conner’s Amazing Acres because the baby was just born.  So this year was lots of fun.  I was not sure how long we would all last with no naps and an hour drive to get there, but we stayed for about 3 hours and got to do lot of things.  The kids had a wonderful time and the weather was beautiful.  It always makes me think about quitting everything and buying a farm (after all the pioneer woman makes it look so nice!) but about 5 seconds later as the distinct smell of animal poop graces my nose yet again I praise the Lord for neighborhood living and jobs that don’t require me to sweat!  Here are my favorite moments from our trip, enjoy!

He was fast on this thing…

These 2 remind me of a little old couple, hilarious…

The baby brigade was ready to head home!

Her car’s name was “curly” too adorable!

Hope everyone is enjoying your fall!

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