Pick and Poke: A Fun Meal Idea

My kids love to eat “pick and poke” lunches.  I got the original idea for a community lunch from the 1 plus 1 blog, but wanted to jazz it up with a fun name that my kids could remember, so I came up with “Pick and Poke”.  This is a great way to get lots of fruits and veggies into them as well as to use up left over bits you have in your fridge.  The best part about it is that the kids think it is super fun.  It is also a good way to practice fine motor skills for little hands.  My rule is that they have to use their poker to eat, no fingers allowed!  For this “Pick and Poke” I used blueberries, a granola bar cut up, some left over pasta, cucumber, tomatoes, turkey rolls, strawberries, nutra-grain bar, cheese, grapes, oranges, and left over green beans.  I also gave them ranch for dipping and made a sweet fruit dip by mixing lite sour cream, a little powdered sugar, and some juicy juice for color.  For the pokers I use fun toothpicks, you can get these at Joannes and Micheal’s ( I always pick them up on 75% clearance after holidays).  Hope you have fun making your own “Pick and Poke”! Bon Appetite!

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